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White Lion Labs

STIM Energy+Focus Pre-Workout

STIM Energy+Focus Pre-Workout

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At White Lion Labs we do the heavy lifting on the science of workout performance. It’s an obsession and an evolution. Every ingredient and dosage is carefully analyzed. Only clinically-proven ingredients make the cut, regardless of cost or accessibility. Why? Because maximizing results is what we do, so you can unleash the lion within.

✔ Premium trademarked ingredients

✔ Effective clinical doses

✔ Transparent labeling

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STIM is a focused, no-frills kick in the ass for when you need it most. This isn't a pre-workout with a dozen haphazardly dosed ingredients like you'll see from others in the industry.

We found a combination of ingredients that felt so F##KING AWESOME, we created a product around it to share that feeling with the world.

STIM's sole purpose is to provide you with smooth, long lasting energy for your hardest leg days or your busiest mornings at work.

The Holy Trinity of STIM - Caffeine, TeaCrine®, and Dynamine™

Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg - This potent form of caffeine is extracted and dehydrated from the seeds and leaves of coffee plants which produces a highly concentrated caffeine powder.

TeaCrine® 200mg - is a Patented form of Theacrine that delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. TeaCrine® is not a stimulant and the energy is a clean energy, free of the jitters or irritability that often comes with stimulants. TeaCrine® synergizes with caffeine, improving caffeine’s effectiveness and duration during exercise.

Dynamine™ 200mg - is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf. Like Teacrine, it promotes energy, and amplifies mood and focus by activating dopamine receptors and other key neurotransmitters, while inhibiting adenosine receptors.

Recently, a landmark clinical trial was conducted at a major Division I university to investigate Dynamine™'s potential pharmacokinetic interaction with caffeine and TeaCrine®. Remarkably, researchers discovered that Dynamine™ extended caffeine's half-life and increased its area under the curve approximately two-fold. The reverse was not true (i.e. caffeine did not alter Dynamine™'s pharmacokinetics). In addition, researchers also discovered that co-administration of TeaCrine® and Dynamine™ increased the half-life of caffeine approximately three-fold. *

Reference to clinical trial

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 6-8 Fl oz of water 15-30 minutes before exercising.


This is the perfect stim that will have you feeling like a god without the jitters or the crash. It went through a couple of iterations during testing but one thing clearly stood out - the combo of Caffeine + Teacrine® + Dynamine™ is absolutely f##king nuts!

Originally it included some more of your typical pre-workout staples but the more I started to take it, the more I thought it had more applications than just as a pre-workout supplement. The energy feels so clean - half mental alertness, half physical sharpness. During flavor testing I actually started replacing my morning coffee with a scoop and the energy lasted long into the afternoon with no crash and a really nice mood and mental boost.

Combining this with the PUMP Pre-Workout gives you the clarity, tunnel vision feeling and insane mind-muscle connection to go along with the skin-splitting pumps, strength and endurance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wesley Harris
Not a fan

So I figured I would give this several tries before writing a review and I gotta say.....I'm not really a fan. I know people are different, but this hasn't done anything for me. I don't feel the focus or the caffeine. Maybe if you put this is something else. As far as the taste, I think the flavor is good, but for me it's grittier than other brands I have had. With that, I'll stick to buying the Greens because they are awesome, but I'll be passing on this.

Matthew Diaz
Best Pre-Workout On The Market!

My energy, focus, and workouts have been pushed to another level with White Lions STIM pre-workout! Hands down best product on the market!

Greg Mills
Good Sh*+

After taking for the first time I experienced a level of focus I hadn’t felt in a long time from a pre workout. The balance was perfect in all aspects, many of which I didn’t seem to know were effecting me from the lack there of. Highly recommend to any newbies or veterans of the weightlifting sport.


This pre workout was by far the cleanest I’ve tried on the market. I felt very focused and on a nice steady pace throughout my entire workout with any crash. I highly recommend if you workout during the evening and have to sleep after, this product will not keep you up all night, it simply does the job and makes you feel great while training.

Jonathan Smith

The long sustains energy with no crash is the best feeling. Let’s not forget the flavor choice. A1